[videos] Six Dogs Invent Unique Ways to Overcome Their Fears and Phobias

Fascinating video collection of six daring dogs…

Thanks to Dog Times for this amazing collection of videos shows how some dogs that have irrational (in some cases quite rational) fears have developed their own coping mechanisms.

We can learn a lot from their cheerful ingenuity in solving their issues.


1. How to overcome your fear of doorways…

His owners say that Queso here, a pit bull, is afraid of lots of things, like the kitchen floor, the printer, and doorways. But Queso is a survivor! He deals with his fear of entering a room by walking in backward, tail wagging and happy to be past the door!

2. Wooden floors terrify Dutch the boxer

Dutch does not want to touch the wooden floor and sits on the sofa. After enthusiastic encouragement from his Dad, he kicks a couple of pillows down just to avoid touching the floor. You can just see the anguish of decision as he stretches his nose out looking longingly at the carpeted floor.  Finally Dutch skips over the wood and greets Dad with huge excitement. He has overcome his fear of the floor.

3. Fear of park slides – Golden Retriever shows puppy how to use the slide.

Mike Clark, Dogtime Editor, explains:

The older Golden Retriever in this video has been to the park a lot, and she knows just how fun the slide can be. But her younger sibling isn’t too sure yet. She approaches the slide apprehensively, but the older pup knows sometime you need a good push. Or pull. She grabs the young pup’s leash and tugs her down the slide, then hands the leash over to mama. Now puppy knows there’s nothing to be scared of, and the slide is actually pretty fun.

Then there’s Bo who won’t pass the cat, the Dog who is afraid of Godzilla the toy, and the Dog who invented her own boat rather than swim….

See these three videos here —  very cute….

I’m sure you enjoyed these cute videos as much as we did…

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