[video] Dogs Delight in Catching the Ball… Only Problem – It’s Not theirs!

Dogs Join All Kinds of Sporting Events (Hilarious!)

Really very funny! Plus a few cats and even a squirrel manage to interrupt the games that people play. The players are good sports, however, and no dogs were harmed in the fun and games.


I remember a very tense college hockey game — this collarless street mutt ran onto the field from nowhere, tripped up several players who went sprawling, chased the ball downfield, inadvertently rolled it into the net, and just as quickly vanished behind the bleachers before any player even got up again.

The event took less than 10 seconds – so fast that there was no time to even aim the camera. But the crowd stood up and gave that dog a standing ovation.

I’m sure you enjoyed these hilarious clips as much as we did…

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