[Travel] Top 10 Hotels for Dogs

Travel Fun this Valentines Day — Yes, you CAN take the dog!

I’ve had good experience with the updated properties in the Motel 6 chain. Good for road trips and inexpensive, but do call ahead to check.  I believe that all hotels should allow dogs. They are part of our family, aren’t they?

Remember to have your pup’s name and your cell number on her collar and get her microchipped. You will both be saved a huge amount of grief and anguish in the event you get separated.

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USA Today has some great tips for you.

If a vacation simply isn’t complete without your pet at your side, you’ll be happy to know that more hotel chains are making it easier (and less prohibitively expensive) to bring along your dog. The pet-friendliest of the bunch even extend the invitation to other animals, including cats, birds, and reptiles. So cancel the pet sitter, pack the treats, and hit the road.

1. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Not all Four Seasons hotels and resorts accept pets, but those that do offer an experience yours won’t ever forget. The luxury brand offers small dogs and cats (usually no more than 15 to 25 pounds) in-room amenities like beds, water bowls, and piddle pads, and concierges at pet-friendly locations have plenty of helpful tips about local dog parks and more. Properties that accept animals tend not to charge for the option.

2. La Quinta

On the pet-friendly hotel scene, La Quinta is one of the big dogs. Of its more than 830 U.S. locations, only four don’t allow pets (San Antonio Conference/Medical Center; Manhattan and Queens, New York; and Monterey, California). The hotel allows up to two dogs or cats per room at no extra charge.

Travel in Style (Photo: Kimpton Hotels)
Travel in Style (Photo: Kimpton Hotels)

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