Stray Mutt in Ecuador Who Walked, Swam and Kayaked 400 km with the Swedish Sports Team

[Photo Story] And Became a Swedish Celebrity…

Arthur was a miserable stray dog, starving and forgotten on the streets of Ecuador. The Swedish multi-sports team kindly fed him a meatball at the sports field.

From then on, faithful Arthur followed them across the country, despite their many attempts to get rid of him for his own safety. They pulled him out of the deep mud when they did cross-country hiking. When he swam frantically after them on the river challenge they ended up hauling him into their kayaks (he sat on their legs) and took him along.

Arthur continued plodding stoically with the Team through the Ecuador jungles and along tracks until together they all finally reached the finish line in Quito,  as dirty, smelly and as tired as they were.

They made it only to 12th place, but at the end of 400 km with all the trials and tribulations of caring for their new friend, the Swedish Team had fallen in love with him.

And that’s how he ended up being greeted like a celebrity in Stockholm.

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