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[Travel] Top 10 Hotels for Dogs

[Travel] Top 10 Hotels for Dogs

Travel Fun this Valentines Day — Yes, you CAN take the dog! I’ve had good experience with the updated properties in the Motel 6 chain. Good for road trips and inexpensive, but do call ahead to check.  I believe that all hotels should allow dogs. They are part of our family, aren’t they? Remember to have your

Remembering First Space Dog Laika – 58 Years Ago Today

Give a thought today to Muttnik Laika… On this day, November 3, in 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first-ever living animal into orbit: a husky cross named Laika — quickly dubbed “Muttnik” by the media. The flight was meant to test the safety of space travel for humans, but it was a guaranteed suicide

[National Dog Day] Heart-warming story of old dog who got to the wedding in time

Why did this engaged couple suddenly change their wedding plans? This heart-warming story shows the love of the the bride and groom for their beloved golden retriever, Dood, when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Cassidy Williams and her fiancé, Mattijs, were supposed to be married in August — and the arrangements had been for Dood to

Celebrate National Dog Day with these amazing photos from around the world

15 Amazing, Adorable, and Solemn Pictures of Dogs… National Geographic celebrates National Dog Day by assembling their  favorite mutt pictures from their archives. These photos are extraordinary, not just for their content, but for their incredible portrayal of human life – as lived with dogs – through the years, worldwide. Photos come from Africa, South America, North America,

[breaking news] Stray Dog on Crete Beach Saves UK Student From Attack By Two Men

Small Black Mutt Came From Nowhere – Barked and Growled at the Men Who Grabbed At Her Huffington Post reports that a British student, Georgia Bradley, 25, has spent thousands of pounds to adopt this brave little stray from the beach who saved her from physical harassment or even much worse. A British tourist being attacked