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Fund-raising for Ndumbi Dogs, EC, South Africa

Fund-raising for Ndumbi Dogs, EC, South Africa

Your help please — save Ndumbi dogs from more abuse… In many rural areas of Africa, including South Africa, domestic dogs are often treated with appalling brutality. A particular small village near Ndumbi, in Eastern Cape, South Africa, came to the attention of a veterinary practice over 1000 km miles away after a plea on

Moving Photos Of Rescued Pibbles And Their Tattooed Peoples…

You can just feel the love between the People and their Pits! It’s so easy to stereotype both people and dogs based on their appearance. This moving Portfolio by Nashville, Tennessee-based photographer Brian Batista seeks to combat stereotypes that all rescue animals are damaged or unable to be adopted due to trauma or abuse.  But this

[video] Dogs Delight in Catching the Ball… Only Problem – It’s Not theirs!

Dogs Join All Kinds of Sporting Events (Hilarious!) Really very funny! Plus a few cats and even a squirrel manage to interrupt the games that people play. The players are good sports, however, and no dogs were harmed in the fun and games. https://youtu.be/BFWvzG8ONlE I remember a very tense college hockey game — this collarless street mutt

Stray Mutt in Ecuador Who Walked, Swam and Kayaked 400 km with the Swedish Sports Team

[Photo Story] And Became a Swedish Celebrity… Arthur was a miserable stray dog, starving and forgotten on the streets of Ecuador. The Swedish multi-sports team kindly fed him a meatball at the sports field. From then on, faithful Arthur followed them across the country, despite their many attempts to get rid of him for his

Remembering First Space Dog Laika – 58 Years Ago Today

Give a thought today to Muttnik Laika… On this day, November 3, in 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first-ever living animal into orbit: a husky cross named Laika — quickly dubbed “Muttnik” by the media. The flight was meant to test the safety of space travel for humans, but it was a guaranteed suicide

[breaking news] Firefighter Rescues Dog Tossed in Alligator Swamp to Die

A loving pit bull is lucky to be alive after she was heartlessly tossed over a highway overpass and into an alligator-infested swamp in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. She is being treated for bites, which look to have been caused by an alligator. On Tuesday evening this week, the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office responded

Imagine how great these dogs felt after their transformation!

Amazing – Before and After Pictures of Rescued Dogs This article was a shocker for me. Very hard to imagine that these little mutts could get into such terrible condition. The fluffy dogs have the worst time of it, with matted hair. Rasta looks particularly awesome in his before pic and amazingly cute in his after pic.

[video] Dogs on the Inside… the Connection Between Prisoners and Dogs

Everyone deserves a second chance… That’s the motto of “Dogs on the Inside.” It’s a documentary featuring the special connection between prisoners and therapy-dogs-in-training. A lot of people have the image of prisoners being mean and tough guys, but not when you see these men and their dogs. It’s like a window opened into their

[Photo Journal] A Picture Story Of a Man and His Dog (Happy Ending)

A loving and moving tribute… An unusual documentary that will leave you feeling better about humanity and the world we live in. Watch this emaciated dog’s progression from flimsy shelter in the bush through the slow journey to complete rehabilitation. A lovely and moving tribute to what is clearly an amazing and beloved dog, filled with

[Heart-warming] Tiny Shih Tzu Discovered In Deep Ravine Nursing Abandoned Kitten

New-born Kitten Saved by Caring Canine Mom A little Shih Tzu female was found protecting an abandoned kitten in a deep ravine behind a Home Depot in South Carolina. According to FoxTV,  an animal control officer in Anderson County S.C. found a small dog nursing a kitten in a ravine. Someone called the police  and told them

[Rescue News] Philippine Kid Rescues Over 40 Local Dogs

Amazing 9-Year-Old Built Animal Shelter In Dad’s Garage Young Ken loves animals – he started a blog about rescue animals along with Happy Animals Club which is a non-profit no-kill animal shelter in the southern Philippines, established in 2014 thanks to supporters from around the world. Huffington Post reports… Ken, 9, has grown up dreaming about someday having

[Heartwarming Video] Woman Braves Dangerous Freeway Traffic To Save Dog

Watch this amazing amateur video — You simply have to see it to believe how this brave woman in Mexico City’s of 8.8 million residents took on this incredibly dangerous rescue. A terrified dog was hunkered down on the inside barrier of an 8-lane highway. In perhaps one of the more courageous animal rescues caught on camera, Veronica risks her life,

[heart-warming] How Brave Junkyard Mutt Fed Her Human Family

She risked her life nightly to get food for her puppies as well as her extended family. Lilica had been abandoned outside a small junkyard in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The junkyard owners, desperately poor themselves, took her in and gave her a home. Inside she was treated with love and found warmth and companionship. Lilica

[heartwarming] There ARE Good People; Just Look Who Saves These Strays

Good news story will restore your faith in humankind. We welcomed this truly inspirational story after our recent disturbing report on the brutal stabbing of a gentle family dog – police are still desperate for leads. What a delight to find good news about a homeless guy called Steve who saved homeless strays. The dogs have