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[breaking news] Shocking Pit Bull Attack on Elderly Man’s Guide Dog

[breaking news] Shocking Pit Bull Attack on Elderly Man’s Guide Dog

Faithful Andie, Traumatized, Recovering from Wounds. Richard Draper, who is legally blind, was peacefully walking with his constant companion and service dog, Andie, a female Lab, when three dogs described as Pit Bulls ran out of a nearby garage and viciously attacked the dog. Andie was defenseless despite Draper’s attempts to stop the other dogs. Miami

Pit Bull Protects Owner From Domestic Violence, Gets Kicked Out Of Town

Told to leave town… NOW! Thousands of Pit and Staffie owners and lovers are up in arms over this report on Huffington Post. Angry comments are flooding in: “The dog was protecting its owner and now they have to move out that state. Something does not seem right. The boyfriend can abuse her and the

[Veterans Day] Give Military Dogs Retirement; They Are Not “Equipment”

Petition: Urge that all Military Dogs retire on U.S. soil Give Military Dogs Respect and Retirement; They Are Not Equipment It does not matter if you are human or canine, if you are willing to die for this country, I salute you. It is a sacrifice so many are unwilling to make, and to take such

[breaking news] Two-legged dog who inspired millions passes away peacefully

Rescued at three weeks old from certain death This heart-warming and inspiring story will choke you up… Faith was not supposed to live, but against all odds with a loving and devoted family, she lived until a ripe 12 years. Oprah (see video interview below) called her “a one of a kind miracle, and the fact

[Breaking News!] Celebrity Adoption – Homeless Millie is now a Clooney

Lucky Millie is adopted by George and Amal Clooney! Hopefully this celebrity adoption will help raise visibility for rescue dogs everywhere. Whether you like him or not, 35,000 people have already commented on this adoption. It might just be the best and most worthwhile move that George Clooney ever made… So it was a really

[Breaking News] Guide dog who jumped in front of a bus to save owner – finally reunited

“You feel better,” owner Audrey Stone said, “with a dog.” Figo, the golden retriever guide dog, must have been very happy to be reunited with his owner Audrey just as she was to see him.  He probably did not even know whether she was still alive until he got to see her again. And only then Figo finally

[Developing News] Who Threw New-Born Pup in Garbage? Tampa Police Seek Leads.

Tiny pup tied in a plastic bag and chucked in the garbage… It was fortunately saved by a 911 caller who reported hearing crying coming from a trash can. In it police found a grocery-store type plastic bag that they had to tear open to free the pup and let it breathe. Another few minutes in the heat

[Dog Science News] Your Dog Knows Who Are Your TRUE Friends

Your loyal dog will refuse food from somebody who refuses to help you. He knows… Humans and dogs have been working together for thousands of years, but scientists are now beginning to more fully understand the mind of man’s best friend. Research by Kyoto University helps shed light on the unusual factors that set dogs apart from

[Breaking News] No More Puppy Mills in Beverly Hills

Good News! New “shelter-only sales” ordinance went into effect in September 2015. Beverly Hills joins more than 80 other jurisdictions around the USA and Canada that have similar laws in place. In a move to shut down puppy mill pets from being sold in stores, Beverly Hills City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits pet