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Fund-raising for Ndumbi Dogs, EC, South Africa

Fund-raising for Ndumbi Dogs, EC, South Africa

Your help please — save Ndumbi dogs from more abuse… In many rural areas of Africa, including South Africa, domestic dogs are often treated with appalling brutality. A particular small village near Ndumbi, in Eastern Cape, South Africa, came to the attention of a veterinary practice over 1000 km miles away after a plea on

Pit Bull Protects Owner From Domestic Violence, Gets Kicked Out Of Town

Told to leave town… NOW! Thousands of Pit and Staffie owners and lovers are up in arms over this report on Huffington Post. Angry comments are flooding in: “The dog was protecting its owner and now they have to move out that state. Something does not seem right. The boyfriend can abuse her and the

[breaking news] Family Staffie Stabbed Cruelly; Santa Paula Police Seek Leads

Distraught family begs for help to catch the person who did this to their dog; “he’s our family, a gentle angel.” $2000 reward offered for leads, please pass this on…. Police say that a black American Staffordshire terrier, named T-Rex, was cruelly stabbed five times outside his owner’s home after he and another dog were evidently let out

[Breaking News] Beagle Breeding Farm OK’d for Animal Experiment Industry

Sky News UK Correspondent Gerard Tubb reported today that a contentious puppy breeding farm for the animal experiment industry has been given planning permission by the UK Government. The farm, owned by Yorkshire Evergreen, which is part of US firm Marshall BioResources, is currently used for breeding genetically modified mice and as a transit point for

#StopYulin2015 — Stop 10,000 dogs being slaughtered for a party

#StopYuLin2015 – Show Your Support on Twitter Viewer discretion advised, these are NOT pretty pictures and may upset you (they certainly upset me!), but the Dog Slaughter must stop…..!!!   Credit: http://universo-japones.blogspot.com/2011/09/zhejiang-jinhua-dog-meat-o-festival.html   We all love our dogs. They are there for us when we are at our worst, trudging through the mud of life

Vicious Dog Abuser Still Free. Reward!

Pazzo, a 5 year old Border Collie mix, still cannot sleep easy even after being taken in by rescuers.  He was found recently in the Baden neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, with a rope painfully and deeply embedded into his waist, as well as numerous other injuries. The sweet-natured boy has already undergone several reconstructive surgeries