Pit Bull Protects Owner From Domestic Violence, Gets Kicked Out Of Town

Told to leave town… NOW!

Thousands of Pit and Staffie owners and lovers are up in arms over this report on Huffington Post.

Angry comments are flooding in:

“The dog was protecting its owner and now they have to move out that state. Something does not seem right. The boyfriend can abuse her and the dog, but he gets to stay in this state.”

“Wow – dog protects owner and the town wants the dog gone not the man that hit the woman. Priorities people –Priorities.”

“They are the most loving breeds. I own 2, rescued both of them and I can’t believe how gentle. Any dog would protect their owner.”

“Disgusting to put this woman and her wonderful 4-legged family member and protector through this.

Image credit: http://new-trending-topics.blogspot.com/2011/10/american-pitbull-terrier.html
Image credit: http://new-trending-topics.blogspot.com/2011/10/american-pitbull-terrier.html

“It basically says pet owners are welcome to live in our community, except you and because your dogs look a certain way…”

Jaimie Kraczkowski says her pit bull Isis protected her when her then-boyfriend became violent.

“Finally, when my head got hit against the wall, she just grabbed his pant leg and she was done. She was done with him abusing me — and abusing her,” Kraczkowski told Detroit Fox affiliate WJBK-TV.

But now Isis — also known as Ice — has been told to leave town.

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