[Dog Science Video] How dogs “see” with their noses…

Have you ever wondered why dogs have to sniff everything? You may have heard the expression that dogs ‘see with their noses.’ But dogs’ amazing nasal architecture actually reveals a whole world beyond what we can see or smell. In this fascinating TED illustrated presentation, researcher Alexandra Horowitz shows how the dog’s nose can smell the past, the

Remembering First Space Dog Laika – 58 Years Ago Today

Give a thought today to Muttnik Laika… On this day, November 3, in 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first-ever living animal into orbit: a husky cross named Laika — quickly dubbed “Muttnik” by the media. The flight was meant to test the safety of space travel for humans, but it was a guaranteed suicide

[Breaking News!] Celebrity Adoption – Homeless Millie is now a Clooney

Lucky Millie is adopted by George and Amal Clooney! Hopefully this celebrity adoption will help raise visibility for rescue dogs everywhere. Whether you like him or not, 35,000 people have already commented on this adoption. It might just be the best and most worthwhile move that George Clooney ever made… So it was a really

[Breaking News] Guide dog who jumped in front of a bus to save owner – finally reunited

“You feel better,” owner Audrey Stone said, “with a dog.” Figo, the golden retriever guide dog, must have been very happy to be reunited with his owner Audrey just as she was to see him.  He probably did not even know whether she was still alive until he got to see her again. And only then Figo finally

[video] Amazing Double and Triple Dog Tricks

You will LOVE what these amazing dogs can do! Brand new video, just published: a Border Collie, a Terrier and a Chihuahua demonstrate the most amazing double dog tricks. What these dogs can do is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but don’t tell that to Emily Larlham, the

[breaking news] Firefighter Rescues Dog Tossed in Alligator Swamp to Die

A loving pit bull is lucky to be alive after she was heartlessly tossed over a highway overpass and into an alligator-infested swamp in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. She is being treated for bites, which look to have been caused by an alligator. On Tuesday evening this week, the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office responded

Imagine how great these dogs felt after their transformation!

Amazing – Before and After Pictures of Rescued Dogs This article was a shocker for me. Very hard to imagine that these little mutts could get into such terrible condition. The fluffy dogs have the worst time of it, with matted hair. Rasta looks particularly awesome in his before pic and amazingly cute in his after pic.