Stray Mutt in Ecuador Who Walked, Swam and Kayaked 400 km with the Swedish Sports Team

[Photo Story] And Became a Swedish Celebrity… Arthur was a miserable stray dog, starving and forgotten on the streets of Ecuador. The Swedish multi-sports team kindly fed him a meatball at the sports field. From then on, faithful Arthur followed them across the country, despite their many attempts to get rid of him for his

Special Needs Twins Get Disabled Pit Bull As Their Xmas Wish

WAYNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Two disabled sisters from New Jersey made a wish several days ago, and it came true Tuesday just in time for Christmas. As CBS2’s Christine Sloan reported, 10-year-old twins Tianna and Gianna Johnson are both legally blind. Gianna is also autistic. This Christmas, they had just one wish on their list. Tianna

[heart-warming] Do I Make You Proud? The Amazing Story of Ricochet

Born to serve – nope, make that born to surf… Fortunately, this amazing dog’s talents were recognized in time… she was highly intelligent and extremely caring from birth, but as Ricochet grew up, it turned out that she was not terribly interested in the mundane aspects of serving those with disabilities, she preferred stronger challenges. She

Pit Bull Protects Owner From Domestic Violence, Gets Kicked Out Of Town

Told to leave town… NOW! Thousands of Pit and Staffie owners and lovers are up in arms over this report on Huffington Post. Angry comments are flooding in: “The dog was protecting its owner and now they have to move out that state. Something does not seem right. The boyfriend can abuse her and the

[video] Two dogs adrift in a canoe saved by black lab – real or fake?

Fearless Robbie – Hero Rescue Dog… But what really happened that day on the river? Amazing video shows two dogs frantically barking for help as their canoe heads helplessly down the river.  The black lab jumps in fearlessly to save them and swims across the strong current to bring them back to shore. Several sites

[video] Adorable Pup Really, Really, REALLY Wants the Cookie!

Don’t let your dogs see this video! They might pick up a new cute begging trick. Everyone knows that a dog always wants whatever delicious food you are eating. You get their full attention. They don’t care if it is unhealthy for them, they just know it is food and they need it.  More than

[Veterans Day] Baggage Handlers Honor a Fallen Soldier and his K9 Coming Home

A very moving tribute… A military dog and his soldier were sadly killed in action scouting explosive devices. Now watch what proud baggage handlers do with the caskets as they are off-loaded from the cargo plane. This fallen soldier and his K9 partner arrive at their destination in the USA. Delta baggage handlers and grounds people

K9s For Warriors Brings Smiles Back to Troubled Vets

Just to hear their laughter again… This amazing K9s For Warriors certification process lasts only three weeks and literally brings vets back to life, brings them back to finally laughing again. Just to hear their laughter changes everything, say their families. The recovery is actually a two-way street. The vast majority of the service dogs employed at the

[Video] Dogs Help Those Who Have “Seen Too Much”

Thirty Seconds That Will Make You Think… This heart-tugging video, created by The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) an organization that has been training guide dogs for visually-impaired people for more than 75 years, has had over five million views. Over 41,000 Facebook viewers gave it an enthusiastic LIKE. When you watch, you’ll realize why

Veterans Move Past War Trauma, Thanks to Their Furry Friends

Service dogs were the magic that helped… Science is finally catching up with what dog owners have been saying all along; sharing your home with a canine makes you happier and more emotionally stable. When over 300,000 U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came home with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder,

[Veterans Day] Stubborn Military Pup Grows Up to Ace Bomb-Sniffer

Amazing story – a mini novel almost… a MUST-READ! Noah and the Stubborn Military Working Dog Chuck Compelling tale about training a 65-pound Belgian Malinois for bomb-sniffing work in Afghanistan. The story is written from point of view of the seasoned military handler, Noah who tries to teach the eager, but misguided young bomb-sniffer newbie

[Veterans Day] Excitement and Joy as Dogs Welcome Military Parents (Video)

Joy of Reunion… What joy and ecstatic emotion both human and dog experience when the loved one returns from deployment! I feel it in much smaller doses myself when I return from a trip; my pup’s unconditional love and the sheer excitement in the greeting. Watch this amazing video below to see their ecstasy and

[Veterans Day] Give Military Dogs Retirement; They Are Not “Equipment”

Petition: Urge that all Military Dogs retire on U.S. soil Give Military Dogs Respect and Retirement; They Are Not Equipment It does not matter if you are human or canine, if you are willing to die for this country, I salute you. It is a sacrifice so many are unwilling to make, and to take such

[breaking news] Two-legged dog who inspired millions passes away peacefully

Rescued at three weeks old from certain death This heart-warming and inspiring story will choke you up… Faith was not supposed to live, but against all odds with a loving and devoted family, she lived until a ripe 12 years. Oprah (see video interview below) called her “a one of a kind miracle, and the fact