Your Dog Planning a Road Trip?

Great road trip prep list for you. This is extremely useful info… not just a list of food, toys etc., but also adequate preparations such as considering a dog car seat vs harness, micro-chipping, and checking out vets along your route. Good advice includes taking your dog for several test runs before the big trip

[video] Talking dog (yes!) wants his own kitty.

This is just too good not to share. Very cleverly done, this excited dog is desperately eager to get his own rescue kitty. Must watch. Hilarious! This Mutt Really, Really Wants a Kitty! (Featuring Clyde from the famous Talking Animals series) When Clyde hears a kitten meow, he is initially transfixed with surprise, but then becomes

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How Smart is YOUR dog?

My little dog (who goes with me everywhere in the car) starts whining with happy anticipation when we are still blocks away from my friend’s house (regardless of what route I take) and cannot wait to get out of the car to visit. On the other hand, he settles down without complaint for a nap

Photo Credit: Lynn Terry

Pit Bulls in Photo Booths

Photo Credit: Lynn Terry These pics of dogs in photo booths are hilarious. Don’t you just love the expressions on their faces? The pit bulls really are the funniest and seem the most unself-conscious about being photographed. Can’t begin to imagine how long it took to get just the right moment for each shot. Click through

[video] Dog’s Dream Comes True

It’s raining tennis balls!     Video is less than 25 seconds long, quick watch  — 9,391,066 views to date and counting.  Related posts: [video] Alarm Clock Dogs — the ONLY way to wake up! Is this your daily alarm clock? Some dogs are gentle… MORE Dogs Caught on Caption  MORE Funny Dogs Caught on

[video] Dogs on the Inside: Everyone deserves a second chance

Everyone deserves a second chance: that’s the motto of “Dogs on the Inside.” It’s a documentary featuring the special connection between prisoners and therapy-dogs-in-training. Over two million inmates are currently incarcerated, with thousands more at minimum security facilities. Every year, between six to eight million dogs and cats enter animal shelters across the country. With