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[video] Have you ever seen this guilty look?

[video] Have you ever seen this guilty look?

Was this YOU?? This needs no introduction… the owners ask  the dog,  “Was this you? Was this YOU???” and although the dogs can’t answer, their faces tell the whole story. The trail of destruction and mayhem around them is another major clue, so it’s not much of a guess. I came home once and the two

[VIDEO] This Thieving Dog is a Genius!

This Beagle is a genius, moves furniture, opens the oven… eats the dinner – oops. She should be trained to clean up after herself, however… but she still got over 10,475,000 views, wow.. Owner, Rodd Scheinerman, explains:  Lucy is always getting into trouble, every day when we got home the chair is moved and little foot prints are

Six (CUTE) Reasons Why Dogs Make Our Lives SO Much Better

Some benefits of dogs that you may have overlooked! Having a dog teaches us patience, commitment and selflessness. Caring for a dog takes a lot of responsibility and commitment, and it also teaches us to be more patient and less selfish. You also learn to be less focused on yourself as pets can sometimes test

[video] Dogs Delight in Catching the Ball… Only Problem – It’s Not theirs!

Dogs Join All Kinds of Sporting Events (Hilarious!) Really very funny! Plus a few cats and even a squirrel manage to interrupt the games that people play. The players are good sports, however, and no dogs were harmed in the fun and games. https://youtu.be/BFWvzG8ONlE I remember a very tense college hockey game — this collarless street mutt

[video] Puppies Learning Things for the First Time

Entrancing video that totally lift your spirits! This amazing video by Animal Planet raises the bar on cuteness. There is nothing as AWWWW-inspiring as watching tiny beings explore their brave new worlds, whether eating, climbing or just seeing actual lawn for the first time. The adventures in puppy eating are hilarious… but not as much

[video] Cats Being Jerks to Dogs (VERY funny!)

Dogs Are So Patient with Cats… Was this pup dognapped by a cat? This bewildered little dog obediently goes with the cat that drags him by the leash out of the room. It’s a huge testament to the innate generosity and courtesy of dogs that they allow cats to bully them. This long-suffering pup simply looks the other way and

[video] Adorable Pup Really, Really, REALLY Wants the Cookie!

Don’t let your dogs see this video! They might pick up a new cute begging trick. Everyone knows that a dog always wants whatever delicious food you are eating. You get their full attention. They don’t care if it is unhealthy for them, they just know it is food and they need it.  More than

[video] Amazing Double and Triple Dog Tricks

You will LOVE what these amazing dogs can do! Brand new video, just published: a Border Collie, a Terrier and a Chihuahua demonstrate the most amazing double dog tricks. What these dogs can do is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but don’t tell that to Emily Larlham, the

[video] Staffie Skateboarding Genius and British Celebrity

Watch this amazing dog’s skateboarding skills… should compete in the Olympics! Ziggy Trixx is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Trick and Stunt Pup. And a huge celebrity in his own right, raising breed awareness for Staffies worldwide and being a personal Staffie ambassador. He has frequently been featured on British TV and in the print media.

[videos] Six Dogs Invent Unique Ways to Overcome Their Fears and Phobias

Fascinating video collection of six daring dogs… Thanks to Dog Times for this amazing collection of videos shows how some dogs that have irrational (in some cases quite rational) fears have developed their own coping mechanisms. We can learn a lot from their cheerful ingenuity in solving their issues.   1. How to overcome your fear