16 Rescue Dogs Get Amazing Makeovers

16 Rescue Dogs Get Amazing Makeovers

Think about loving a lonely dog this Valentine’s Day. Donate or volunteer at your local shelter…

It’s very hard to imagine that these mutts could get into such terrible condition. The fluffy dogs have the worst time of it, with matted hair. Rasta looks particularly awesome in his before pic and amazingly cute in his after pic. How can anybody resist that little face and big eyes?

For Valentine’s Daywe collected some of the most heart-warming dog rescue stories we’ve ever seen. Animal shelters and rescue centers around the world have put countless volunteer hours into helping abused and homeless animals like these find loving homes.

Animals on the street, especially if they are of a showier breed that needs regular hygienic care, lead very difficult lives. This day is a great opportunity to donate to your nearest animal shelter/rescue center and, if you’re looking for a new furry companion, to adopt a pet that needs your love and care.

Boo (top picture)

Boo was brought to the CARES Community Animal Rescue & Educational Shelter in Florida after being found on the side of the road, soaking wet and stinking of urine. After being cleaned up and groomed, she weighed only 2.8 pounds and looked adorable. (Image credits: onepicturesaves.com)

1. Rasta

dog-makeover-before-after-rescue-35This This poor guy was found in the streets of Montreal looking so filthy that it was hard to tell that he was actually a dog. He could barely move underneath all his matted hair. But look how charming he seems after his cleanup! (Image credits: Quebec Society for Protection Of Animals)

2. Ellen

ellen before

ellen after

Trio Animal Foundation went and picked up a clump of matted fur from an open access shelter.  The fur on poor Ellen’s legs was so heavy that it was starting to rip out at the root. 2 pounds of it was shaved away. Now this 2-year-old girl is ready for her new life to begin. (Image credits: Trio Animal Foundation)


3. Cedar

dog-makeover-before-after-rescue-19Cedar was named after the Golf Course close to where he was waiting to be picked-up by someone. He was hairless from stress, with bones poking through his skin. Since then, Cedar has found a great home with good care, where he fits right in. (Image Credits: Paaws Antigua)

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