Fund-raising for Ndumbi Dogs, EC, South Africa

Your help please — save Ndumbi dogs from more abuse… In many rural areas of Africa, including South Africa, domestic dogs are often treated with appalling brutality. A particular small village near Ndumbi, in Eastern Cape, South Africa, came to the attention of a veterinary practice over 1000 km miles away after a plea on

[VIDEO] This Thieving Dog is a Genius!

This Beagle is a genius, moves furniture, opens the oven… eats the dinner – oops. She should be trained to clean up after herself, however… but she still got over 10,475,000 views, wow.. Owner, Rodd Scheinerman, explains:  Lucy is always getting into trouble, every day when we got home the chair is moved and little foot prints are

11 things humans do that dogs hate

11 things humans do that dogs hate I read this story with interest and knew that I had to share it. I’m certainly guilty of some of things, like hugging my dog (he did pull away in the beginning and is still not crazy about hugs). I don’t know why parents teach their kids to

Moving Photos Of Rescued Pibbles And Their Tattooed Peoples…

You can just feel the love between the People and their Pits! It’s so easy to stereotype both people and dogs based on their appearance. This moving Portfolio by Nashville, Tennessee-based photographer Brian Batista seeks to combat stereotypes that all rescue animals are damaged or unable to be adopted due to trauma or abuse.  But this

Six (CUTE) Reasons Why Dogs Make Our Lives SO Much Better

Some benefits of dogs that you may have overlooked! Having a dog teaches us patience, commitment and selflessness. Caring for a dog takes a lot of responsibility and commitment, and it also teaches us to be more patient and less selfish. You also learn to be less focused on yourself as pets can sometimes test

[breaking news] Shocking Pit Bull Attack on Elderly Man’s Guide Dog

Faithful Andie, Traumatized, Recovering from Wounds. Richard Draper, who is legally blind, was peacefully walking with his constant companion and service dog, Andie, a female Lab, when three dogs described as Pit Bulls ran out of a nearby garage and viciously attacked the dog. Andie was defenseless despite Draper’s attempts to stop the other dogs. Miami

[video] No Price on a Dog’s Loyalty: Watch Two Short Videos

Dogs who chase ambulances…. two stories All over the Internet, there are stories of the overwhelming loyalty of dogs who chased down ambulances carrying their human companions. The first video below was made in Argentina for public TV and really touched the hearts (in every way) of their viewers. It starts with the relationship between

[video] Dogs Delight in Catching the Ball… Only Problem – It’s Not theirs!

Dogs Join All Kinds of Sporting Events (Hilarious!) Really very funny! Plus a few cats and even a squirrel manage to interrupt the games that people play. The players are good sports, however, and no dogs were harmed in the fun and games. I remember a very tense college hockey game — this collarless street mutt

[video] Puppies Learning Things for the First Time

Entrancing video that totally lift your spirits! This amazing video by Animal Planet raises the bar on cuteness. There is nothing as AWWWW-inspiring as watching tiny beings explore their brave new worlds, whether eating, climbing or just seeing actual lawn for the first time. The adventures in puppy eating are hilarious… but not as much

[video] Cats Being Jerks to Dogs (VERY funny!)

Dogs Are So Patient with Cats… Was this pup dognapped by a cat? This bewildered little dog obediently goes with the cat that drags him by the leash out of the room. It’s a huge testament to the innate generosity and courtesy of dogs that they allow cats to bully them. This long-suffering pup simply looks the other way and